Reliance Netconnect on Ubuntu

I am absolutely delighted as I write this post. I am using Reliance Netconnect on my Ubunut 9.04.

And if you are under impression that it was achieved after hours of googling, trial and error and after running hundreds of commands, then you are wrong.

To get it working,
  1. Plug in the dongle.
  2. Wait till the network manager applet menu shows "Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection"
  3. Best way to make it work is to select the "Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection" and let it figure out the settings
  4. After step 4, it tries to establish connection but obviously fails since the user and password are not provided
  5. Now, right click on the network manager applet and select edit connections.
  6. Go to "Mobile Broadband" tab
  7. Now there is already a configuration created named "Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection"
  8. Edit that configuration and add your user name and password.
  9. Now connect like in step 8 by clicking on Network manager applet and selecting the "Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection"
  10. Enjoy high speed mobile broadband on Ubuntu!
I am sure that same procedure will work with any latest mature Linux distribution. There could be issues bootstrapping the hardware but once its detected, NetworkManager will just work fine.


Parag said...

Wonderful :-) I had a hard time getting it to work on Ubuntu 8.10.

Kalpak said...

I think the approach that I have described here only works with Ubuntu 9.04 and (maybe) above. I had someone else complaining about not getting it to work on 8.10 today.