RIA frameworks and HTML 5

Recently when Steve Jobs wrote off Adobe Flash support in iPad, I went ahead and read more about HTML 5.0 and I am convinced that once HTML 5.0  is out, there will be no need of the fancy RIA frameworks like Apache Pivot and Adobe Flex.

HTML 5.0 introduces everything from videos, audio as well as shapes as part of the specification (introduces tags

But indeed HTML 5.0 is the future. If you are planning to develop your products based on Adobe Flex or Apache Pivot then think twice.

Why I like Twitter!

With only about 30 odd posts in last 4 years over here, and already about a 35 tweets in a couple of months, I really have started liking twitter. I ask myself why did I not blog so much? Answer is simple, everytime I tried to write a blog entry, I never had a restriction of number of words. I always felt as if I needed to fill the space (for no reason) With Twitter its just soo much more easy.

Animal Sniffer Maven Plugin

While looking at the Maven plugins at Codehaus, I just stumbled upon a maven plugin named Animal Sniffer. This plugin could be a great tool for people working on frameworks where API's are published to the user. There is always a problem of API loosing the compatibility across versions (for eg. making some method final looses backward compatibility). These kind of problems are very very difficult to trap.

I wanted to evaluate this plugin for instrumenting our internal API against which following versions can check compatibility. Firstly I am not sure if Animal Sniffer can be used in this way but I believe it could be.

I tried to play with the plugin a little where I figured out that vresion 1.5-SNAPSHOT cannot be downloaded from the Codehaus snapshot repository and older versions 1.4, 1.3 encounter an NPE when I run animal-sniffer:build goal.

Does anyone have experience with Animal Sniffer?

Apache Pivot, Platform for building Rich Internet Appplications

Apache Pivot is a framework for building Rich Internet Applications. Pivot seems to have taken inspiration from Flex and Silverlight.

Here is a snippet of overview from Pivot website,

"Pivot applications are written using a combination of Java and XML and can be run either as an applet or as a standalone (optionally offline) desktop application. Pivot includes features that make building modern GUI applications much easier, including declarative UI, data binding, effects and transitions, and web services integration." 

I would personally choose Pivot over Flex or Silverlight as it is easier to integrate builds into Continuous Integration and Maven. Not sure where Pivot will head to but it surely seems a promising technology.