Problems with Thunderbird calendar after Thunderbird upgrade

If you are not able to see the calendar data after upgrading your Thunderbird, specially after upgrading your linux version, the problem can be solved by installing libstdc++5.

I recently upgraded to Xubuntu 8.10 from OpenSUSE 10.3 (late but worth it) and after importing my mail data, I could not see the calendar. The Thunderbird version I used before was and the new version was I tried installing the lower version (in /opt keeping the prebuild version) and it complained to start. It complained about missing after I installed that (sudo apt-get install libstdc++5) all worked fine.

After a bit of googling that the problem with latest version is that it is dependant on libstdc++6 whereas the calendar plugin is dependant on libstdc++5 (I am using Lightning version 0.9 which presumably is the latest)